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Universal sharpener MINO Sharp 550-BR Plus 3
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The MinoSharp 550-BR is a universal grinder that is suitable for all double-sided sharpened knives. Also European blades with a wide back of the knife can easily be resharpened with the hand grinder.

MinoSharp - the alternative to the water grindstone
Advantages of MinoSharp water grinders:
- very fast
- very sure
- very easy
- very durable

How to grind your knives with the MinoSharp hand sharpener
1. Fill the grinder with water during the grinding process. The water keeps the ceramic grinding wheels moist and protects the knife blade from overheating. After use, the grinder should always be rinsed with clear water without covering.

2.To ensure the durable quality of the grinder, hold it by the handle.

3. Hold the knife with the index finger on the back of the knife and place the blade vertically on the white sanding roller. Move the blade back and forth 15 to 20 times with light pressure. There is no need for strong pressure.

4. Next, place the blade vertically on the brown sanding roller and move the knife forward and backward 15 to 20 times with light pressure. It is very important not to use too much pressure, otherwise the sanding wheels may be damaged.

5. After rinsing, rinse the knife under hot water and dry with a dry cloth before using the knife. The MinoSharp 550-BR consists of three sanding wheels: The blue roller is coarse, the brown roller is medium and the yellow roller is fine and completes the cut. The fact that the slots are not parallel with the rollers, automatically creates the right angle for the perfect finish of the blade.

6.The number of movements over the rollers depends on the condition of the blade, but we recommend:
a) for Global Messer 15 - 20 moves per grinding wheel.
b) For knives of other brands, first try 20 puffs per grinding wheel. If the result is not sharp enough, repeat the process again.



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