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HORL roll grinder basic set
Item number: [84520]

Price: 119,00 EUR

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With the HORL roll grinder you receive a professional result without any previous knowledge.
Due to the unique rolling motion and the perfect interaction of the roll grinder and the magnetic grinding gauge, you sharpen your kitchen knives gently and efficiently. The magnetic grinding gauge automatically holds the ideal grinding angle of 15 °, thus ensuring a fast and high-quality sharpening result with minimum material removal. Convince yourself of the perfect cut!

Diamond grinding side
The diamonds on the diamond grinding side are a thousand times harder than any knife steel. Thus, the disc is very easy to remove even with little pressure and allows a precise and gentle sharpening of your blade. Due to the special nature of the diamonds, a fine D35 grain size (about # 420) is enough to produce excellent sharpness for the kitchen in no time at all.

Stainless steel pull-off side
Smooths the edge after grinding with the diamond grinding side and removes remaining material particles. Only a few movements are enough here.

Magnetic grinding gauge
The magnetic grinding gauge ensures that your knives are always ground at the ideal and constant angle and it has two sides. The smooth magnet side for all normal to large (wide) knives and the graduated magnet side for knives that would be too slender on the smooth magnet side to be ground.

The first time loops fall due to production excess diamonds until the disc is ground. The disc quickly becomes very fine, reaching its normal, very durable surface. Depending on the initial condition of the cutting edge, it will take different amounts of time until a knife acquires new sharpness for the first time. Normally, the first grinding process requires 1-5 minutes per knife. Then your knife has "learned" the angle and the regrinding is done with just a few sanding movements.
• No preparation or water or oil needed
• Sand also fine Japanese Damascus steels or European steels
• Exact grinding angle for minimal material removal. This is particularly gentle.
• Sand only what really prevents you from sharpness
• NUTWOOD design

Basic set consists of;
1 x roll grinder nut with diamond grinding side & stainless steel pull-off side
1 x magnetic grinding gauge made of walnut




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